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There are plenty of online auctioning websites around (take a look at all these reviews we’ve compiled!) but few of them are free to use. So, if you’re strapped for cash or just prefer to keep all your profits, WebStore.com might be a great auctioning website for you, as it's free to use. Although, if you’re feeling generous then they welcome donations. But just because something is free doesn’t mean every part of the site is great, so let’s consider all aspects of the website and how useful it’s going to be in helping you to sell or buy an item.

The site does have a decent number of visitors through its virtual doors, although nowhere near as many as some of the bigger sites in this category. This means that you still stand a chance of making a sale but you probably won’t have as many people competing over an item, and therefore you may not make as much money. Conversely, this means that ,if you’re in the market to purchase an item, you might find that you have little opposition and can grab a deal.

We like the fact that you can find auctions that are about to end. This helps both buyers and sellers because it alerts buyers to low cost items, and also boosts the sale price for the seller. It can be quite exciting to place bids on these items with just a few seconds left, recreating that auction-room feel.

Although you do need to register as a seller, you don’t have to as a buyer and you don’t even need to provide credit card details to get going. In fact you can simply use a Guest Checkout, whereby you input your details once you’ve won a bid. No fuss. So if, like most people, you have more things than you actually need or want, why not get rid of some of the clutter and make a bit of money at the same time.

Sellers can set up stores which allow them to show off all their items. This is particularly useful if your items share a common theme or fit into one category, as it means that users might decide to buy extras from you. For example if they buy an artist’s easel they might then opt to purchase paints and brushes from you to save on delivery.

Unfortunately, where WebStore falls down somewhat is in how basic it is. The site appears a little glued together rather than well cut and polished, with few extras to help you promote your goods. There are no community features for you to help expand your business ideas or make market contacts, no video options, no “buy now” options, and stores are relatively plain.

Still, it is free so you can’t complain too much. Our biggest concern is that the site simply won’t attract enough people to get you the best price possible for your treasured (or not so treasured) possessions. So, even though it’s free to use, you might actually end up losing out a little over all. 

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