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WordPress is quickly becoming a household name with anyone interested in setting up their own blog or website. Rather than simply selling your items on a pre-existing auctioning website, WP Auctions allows you to add a plug-in to your own site, through which you can sell your goods. This is going to be particularly handy if you produce your own merchandise, such as pieces of art, handicrafts, jewellery and more, as customers can browse your site and all of your stock, making a purchase there and then.

However, it’s probably not going to be as useful, or as good value, if you just wish to sell one or two items which have no real link, especially if you don’t currently have your own website. This service is really designed with web entrepreneurs in mind. Whether you’re a creative individual, or you’re trying to sell a car or property, auctioning an item on your own site adds a certain professional feel and allows you a greater degree of control over proceedings.

There are three different packages to choose from:

  1. Instant Download allows you to use the plug-in on a single domain, such as your personal blog. You gain access to the full range of features, including customization options, and a range of comprehensive documents and files to help you use the plug-in. The download costs $49.

  2. The Pro option is great if you’re looking for access to forums and updates for your plug-in. The annual subscription costs $99.

  3. The Pro Plus option allows you to use the plug-in on up to 3 domains and offers a range of add-ons as part of the package. The annual subscription costs $199. This final package would be best for anyone who has multiple websites which they use to sell items.

Only registered users can take part in auctions. Whilst this guarantees a certain level of protection (people are required to provide information when they register with WordPress, and you can also have customers pay using PayPal), it does somewhat limit your potential customer base.

We think it’s important to consider the sort of item you’re trying to sell in order to help you decide whether this limitation would be critical to your sales. If you’re selling art work, for example, you may find that a lot of potential customers are already registered, due to the nature of their work and promotion, so they might easily be able to make a purchase.

Overall, we felt that WPAuctions.com offered an interesting concept at a reasonable, but not fantastic, price. It’s not going to be very useful for everyone but it certainly has its niche. 

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