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Looking for a few presents or to replace the old TV set with something a bit wider and thinner?  If you’re looking for new, branded items with warranties, but you don’t have the money to fork out for it at the shops, beezid could be the website for you. With thousands of items to choose from, each of them shiny and new, you can grab a bargain, with some items selling for just 2% of their total retail price. 

So how does this all work? Firstly you need to sign up, which is very quick indeed and doesn’t require all those annoying details like phone numbers and addresses. Next you’ll need to purchase “bids”. These are essentially tokens which allow you to place a bid. Once you buy these and find an item you like the look of, you can begin bidding. Each time somebody bids on an item (spending a “bid token” in the process), the price of the item goes up by 1c.

So imagine there’s a TV on auction. It’s currently selling for $21.95. If you place a bid that price will go up to $21.96. If you’re the last person to place a bid when the timer runs out then you’ve won that item! But hold yer horses, you have to remember something quite important: your bids cost money. So, although you pay $21.96 for the TV you also lose your bid tokens, each of which costs money.

If you are out bid you may rebid several times, and if you don’t win the item then your bid tokens are lost. So, if you find yourself being too timid, you could easily lose a lot of tokens and therefore money.

Thankfully, the site is pretty nice to beginners, allowing you to bid and lose, but not taking your tokens away until you’ve won an item. So, if you want to practice or just test the waters with gentle bidding, you won’t spend your tokens.

Once you’ve won an item this benefit is removed, although there are “cherry auctions” set up for new-ish bidders, which offer better chances of winning as there are fewer people bidding on the items. 

Okay that’s the basic process at work here. But what about the potential to make money? Sadly, there really aren’t options for selling your merchandise or items unless you’re a wholesaler with a certain amount of stock, in which case you can contact the admin team for details.

This is therefore a purchase-only site, simply put. However, it’s simple to use, and it works. You’ll find auctions that are due to end and you can read about winners who snapped up incredible bargains for almost no money.

The more bids you buy, the cheaper they become, and you can also earn bids by inviting friends to use the site. If you lose an auction but still want to buy the item (you usually can because there are several in stock) then you can buy it outright and get all your failed bids back as credits. 

There’s potential to lose a lot on this site if you’re not careful. However there are also big bonuses to be made. If you’re new, then you won’t be punished, so trying to get a single item and failing won’t be your demise. BeeZid will be particularly useful if you’re looking for new items such as electronics, which are readily available. 

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