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Run rabbit, run rabbit, run run run! The farmer’s not only got a hunting rifle but a range of projectile weapons to help him clear the land. Whether you’re interested in hunting or you just enjoy guns for sport or as collectors’ items, GunBroker has a wide range of firearms to bid on. You can purchase complete weapons, gun safes, ammunition or parts easily, often finding a bargain along the way.

In terms of purchasing a firearm, this website provides you with plenty of detail about each item including the manufacturer, model, calibre, barrel length and more. You can also view multiple images of each item to get a good feel for the quality and design.

Bidding is done by signing up and then entering your bid amount. If you win, you simply pay up and the item is sent to you. Members have often taken a lot of time and effort to make sure they provide a great description of the item, and many of them have uploaded a dozen or more photos to show you inside the mechanisms as well as the exterior.

There is an autobid system which allows you to enter your maximum bid, and then the system will bid on your behalf whilst you go about your everyday chores.

As a seller, there are several additional features which will help your items to stand out from the crowd, including the ability to personalize a sales page and upload multiple photos. Adding a video option would be a nice touch so potential customers could see the items in action, however this is not available as of yet.

Sellers need to pay a portion of their profits to the site, but fees are relatively low, and the percentage reduces as the value of your item increases. All registered members are required to pay a small fee (of $2) to verify their account before sales are made. 

The site is generally well organized, although getting a good look at a firearm as you browse the site is a little difficult because the images are very small until you visit the unique page for the item in question.

It would be beneficial to provide a feature which lets you see a larger image as you browse, perhaps by just hovering over the thumbnail. This way you’d save a lot of time by not having to click on each individual item and visit its page to get a better look.

If you’re in the market for buying or selling firearms or gun parts, this is certainly a website to keep in mind. You can find a deal here, and likely make more money on sales than you would from many gun stores and collectors.

The site isn’t always that easy to use, but you quickly get used to how it has been organized, and uploading images is easy. They have 15 years experience selling guns online, so the staff ought to know what they’re on about, and there’s plenty to choose from. That rabbit don’t stand a chance!

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