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With Listia, you can trade your unwanted items for credits, then you can “spend” those credits on any item you find. Of course, different items are worth different amounts of credits, but the site is set up in such a way that you can sell lots of little things and build up a stockpile to spend later .You can even earn extra credits by exploring the website and performing basic tasks such as Tweeting about the sales.

The concept is a bit like a swap shop. They were pretty popular once-upon-a-time but have fallen out of favour a little. The idea was simple: you take along a few things you don’t want any more, and so do other people. Then you can swap your items for theirs! You get new stuff for your old, unwanted junk, which is pretty sweet. They still go on now and then, but you can’t really be guaranteed that you’ll find something you want, or that your items will necessarily be picked up. So, that’s the inspiration for Listia.

When you first reach the website you will be presented with a fun video outlining the Listia way of trading. Signing up is simple and you can quickly start auctioning your items. As we mentioned, you won’t receive money for your items but will instead receive credits. These are used as bidding tokens, allowing you to win items if you place the highest bid.

So imagine you’ve 5 thimbles (yes, you heard us, thimbles) you want to get rid of. Let’s imagine they sell in auctions for 10 credits each. That gives you 50 credits. Now you want to get your hands on a new moustache comb, and you put in a maximum bid of 50 credits. As it happens, you win the auction and it only cost you 38 tokens. Great! You now have a new moustache comb and 12 tokens left.

There were over 5 million items trading when we logged on, which gives you a lot of choice when it comes to spending your credits. You can also access your account using an Android device, iPhone or iPad, meaning you can check on your items when you’re out of the house or office, catching last minute deals.

This is a simple system which should be easy to use for most people, although it is a little too simplistic at times, particularly if you like more control over what goes on in an auction and how long it runs for.

It’s also worth noting that cancelling an auction means you lose your initial investment, as it costs a few credits to put on an auction (the fee depends on the initial value of the item – please see our costs section for more details).

Listia.com’s idea is a fun one. If you don’t mind thinking of your items as “credit” rather than “cash” then you can get a few bargains here. The unconventional take on auctioning is enjoyable and the wide range of objects means that you should be able to get what you want (unless it’s money). Now where did we put that moustache comb...?

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