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Atomic Mall Review

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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Atomic Mall! Okay, so Superman didn’t get his powers from an atomic explosion (was that the Hulk or Spiderman?) but Atomic Mall seems to think that there’s something super about what they have to offer in the realm of online auction bargains. This is a basic site with a bit of a quirky side, but how useful is it going to be in helping you to sell an item, or in aiding you to find a bargain?

The first thing we noticed about this site, beyond its weird name, was that you can buy some rather strange items, including installations and operations manuals. It’s a bit sci-fi! But then again there’s all the usual bric a brac too, such as CDs and blenders.

When we logged on there were almost half a million items listed for auction, which is pretty decent considering this isn’t a major auctioning website. On the homepage you can see a range of information like this, including the number of members (just over 150,000 when we checked), who the top seller is, who gets the best feedback and who the newest sellers are. We’re not completely sure of the relevance of this information but we suppose it gives a little taste of what’s on offer.

If you are looking to sell a few items on AtomicMall, then you’ll need to set up an account. Buyers don’t need to do this, which is pretty handy because it means there are fewer barriers to jump before making a bid.

Once you’ve set up a seller’s account you can choose from a range of account types, each of which is named after a precious element, ending in uranium. Gold accounts are the cheapest to set up and you also get some site credit to spend on extras such as personalizing your store or featuring items for sales.

Upgrading to a more expensive account means you can sell more items but you also have to pay a monthly fee. We’re not entirely sure that these packages offer great value though, since the traffic through the site isn’t excellent.

Atomic Mall isn’t bad, but it’s not really got all that much going for it either. It offers cheap sales options, but we’re unconvinced by the need to upgrade any further. Without improving on the number of visitors to the website, we don’t think you’ll be in the best position to sell, but as a buyer you might be able to pick up one or two deals.

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