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No gimmicks, no tricks, that’s what uBid.com is all about. This is an online auctioning website which offers simple, no fuss auctions on a wide range of items, without the promising unbelievable deals (they’re unbelievable for a reason sometimes, you know). Sure, you can get a deal here but it’s unlikely you’ll get a new TV for a few dollars, like some auction sites promise. Even so, with a little cunning and a bit of luck you can still save a significant amount over the recommended retail price.

This is a purchases-only site, although if you are a merchant you can contact the team and request that you start to sell on the site. Prices and fees vary so you will have to speak to them to get a proper idea of the cut they take.

As a seller, you can promote your items in a few ways, including taking advantage of a variety of auctions. There’s a standard auction, 24 hour auctions and mega auctions. The first kind is just the usual sort of bidding process: you set a timer (usually for a few days) and then members can bid on the item. The highest bid at the end wins the item.

Meanwhile the 24 hour auctions are a bit more immediate and end – you guessed it – after 24 hours are up. The mega auctions are particularly useful if you have a lot of stock to get rid of, allowing you to sell the same item over and over. 

Primarily, this is a useful site if you are looking to buy, and this variety of auctions means that you can get a deal whenever you log on, either by playing the long game or by snapping up a last minute bargain.

In some ways, though, uBid is pretty basic and doesn’t leave a lot of room for experimentation or unique experience. Many of the goods are pretty run of the mill, with few unique items. However, you can buy “fine art”, although the majority looked like mass produced reprints of cartoon characters, which is hardly “fine” in artistic terms. Still, if you’re looking to get a gift or just to get a new tablet or suit, you can certainly save money on uBid.

One of the best things about the site is that all purchases are shipped for free so, if you do snag a deal, you don’t then get charged a ridiculous amount for postage. If you’ve been on auction sites before you’ll know how irritating it can be to get a great deal and then find out the postage doubles the price.

A really useful little feature of the site is that it tells you the current bid on an item as you browse, as well as the closing time on the auction. So, you can easily find items that have little competition and are going to end soon (or when you’re free later on) and time it perfectly so that you can place a bid.

There are also charity auctions, which is nice to see as it offers an opportunity to help out whilst also providing you with a new item. 

Overall then, uBid is a decent site but fails to be exemplary in a few ways. There are no sign up costs, which is good, and you don’t need to pay to make a bid, but the merchandise isn’t all that exciting and you probably won’t find the huge discounts that you can locate elsewhere. 

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