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Imagine yourself watching the world go by, zipping along the waves on your new speedboat as your beautiful partner pours another icy pina colada and pulls up the lobster traps. Or perhaps you see yourself riding along the coastal roads, soaring through the mountains in your shiny sports car, wind through your hair and sun on your face.

Then again, maybe you just need a motor to get you from A to B, or a forklift to shift those pallets of paint to the other side of the warehouse. Whatever your vehicle-based dream, Copart might be able to make it come true.

Copart is an auctioning website specializing in vehicles. They have all sorts, with more than 75,000 for sale on any given day (actually there were over 100,000 vehicles when we looked). You can find snowmobiles, jet skis, dirt bikes and more.

If you’re looking to purchase a vehicle, you need to register (which requires a name, address, email and phone number), but afterwards it’s all pretty simple. You just search for the vehicle you’re looking for and then bid on it. 

Copart also offer to purchase your unwanted vehicles. This is how they make their money, buying it from you and then selling it on at a profit. To find out how much you might get for your vehicle is easy, you simply fill in a form and they’ll send a basic quotation. Of course, you’ll have to have this verified, in case of existing damage or mechanical problems.

The good thing here, though, is that they pick up your vehicle so you don’t need to drive across the country and make your way back somehow. It’s important to check the site’s information on who is eligible to bid and sell, though, as they don’t cover everywhere in the US.

There are several maps and tables to help you decide whether you are able to buy and sell, which is a good way to get a clear understanding of your situation. The site also offers links to brokers and haulers to help you more and sell your vehicle if needed.

Meanwhile there’s a member protection pledge, assuring that particular features and descriptions of any bought vehicle will comply to their standards.

Copart might not be the most user-friendly website around, as it's sometimes hard to find the information you need but, once you get a feel for it, you shouldn’t encounter many problems.

Premier membership costs $200 (you need to provide a $600 deposit but $400 of that is refundable) which allows you to cap deposit prices, plus a couple of other benefits, but this seems to be useful only if you have several cars to sell.

Overall, we feel that Copart is particularly useful if you’re looking to buy a car or other vehicle. Whilst selling is also very convenient, you may not necessarily get the best price here as you’ve got to use a middle-man to get a sale.

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