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If you’ve got boxes of unwanted goods stacking up and you don’t want to have to pay to get rid of them, maybe you should consider using auctionFire. This website allows you to buy and sell without paying any fees, meaning it’s (almost) 100% free. Whilst it isn’t always the easiest site to use and it’s burdened by too much text, there are a few additional selling tools that you wouldn’t expect to find from a free auctioning website.

Firstly it’s important to note that there are no listing fees, no after auction fees, no bidding fees and no reserve pricing. What does this mean? Well essentially you take all the profit from any sales you make, but you also run the risk of making very little on a sale.

Imagine that you’ve decided to sell your old TV, so you put it up on the site. Someone bids $1 but you have no more bids. Looks like they’ve won the bid! The site warns users to be careful about deals which seem too good to be true, leading us to believe that there might be a few scams on the site, but we didn’t really identify anything worrying for ourselves. 

If you’d like a verification logo to appear on your page, showing users that you’re a serious seller, this is gained through making a $3 donation. So, in theory, your account can be free, although verification might lead to more sales as buyers are more likely to trust you.

There are also several forums and message boards to check out, with links to eBay forums, to help you get advice from other traders and forge business relationships. The site’s forum’s aren’t particularly busy but they are used, so are worth checking out.

The biggest pitfall of AuctionFire is that it doesn’t have the market reach we’d like to see. With relatively few people using the site, you’re less likely to get people competing over an item, which is bad news if you’re selling.

However, if you’re looking to make a purchase, then you’ll find there’s less competition, and with no minimum price on many items you can get a bargain.

The site is free to use and promises it always will be, so there’s nothing to lose by setting up an account and exploring a little bit. If you find a particular buyer or interesting forum chat which is relevant to your sales or purchases, then it might be worth an investment of your time.

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