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Sometimes it can be hard to find what you’re looking for online. If you enjoy books, movies, music or games but you don’t want to pay the earth to get your hands on them, Half.com (an ebay company), has created a designated area for these forms of media and entertainment. This is a great place to easily locate, buy or sell specific items which won’t get lost in a sea of clutter.

As with ebay, this site is very easy to use and navigate through. If you’re looking to sell books then you simple sign in and then type in the ISBN numbers (a unique number found at the bar code). Within minutes you can sell the text online.

The site also offers a very interesting Textbook Rental service, which allows you to read popular textbooks (high school, college and university level). You can choose to then purchase the book or return it as a rental, paying a smaller fee. Books are rated by their quality (in terms of cover and paper quality) so if you don’t mind receiving something of not-new quality then you can get some great discounts. Games, music and movies operate on a relatively similar system, though you generally just type in the title and then locate the specific product.

As a seller, you won’t have to pay listing fees, however you will pay some of your profits to ebay for using their systems. At 10% of the final value, their fees are pretty high. However, you might find that there’s more competitive bidding on your items on this site because there are far more people buying on it.

In short: it’s better to get 90% of $100 than it is to get 97% of $50. There are also other benefits to using half.com to sell your books and DVDs, including the fact that users can leave feedback. If you’re reliable as a seller and your products are of high quality, you will find that more buyers will flock to you as you will appear trustworthy and professional.

Buying items is very easy, all you need to do is register and search for what you desire. When you click on an item (let’s say it’s a book for the purposes of explanation) you’ll be presented with a screen listing all the copies of that book which are on sale. You will see images as well as details about the item, including reviews. You can pick the quality and decide which seller you wish to buy from.

At first you may think “this is insanely cheap” because you will see that books are selling for just a few cents. Whilst this may be true in some cases, on closer inspection you’ll see that this is the cheapest option available, and that delivery costs still apply. Many of the other copies may be much more expensive so you’ll have to weigh up the actual value and decide quickly before someone else snaps up the cheaper copies. 

Half.com is a very useful website to visit if you want to buy or sell books, music, movies and games. You can get some superb deals if you’re clever, and there are a few extras for sellers which make the whole business of selling your unwanted items that much easier. 

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