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Fraudulent Practices
15 March 2023
Reviewer: Oswald from Minnesota

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This is a follow up to my original posting which I have included. I still have not received any compensation from this fraudulent seller. Beware. Are things going on behind the curtain that they don't want you to know about?

Orginal Post:

This is my story regarding the unscrupulous and retaliatory tactics that K-Bid took against me.

I bid on and won 4 lots thru K-Bid Estate Sales on line auction that ended on 4-14-2021 in Maple Grove, MN. I picked up my winning lots and paid cash in full on Friday, April 16, 2021. When I arrived home later that afternoon and had a chance to inspect my lots I found out that one lot was missing. I called and talked to a Dawn Kvass and apparently she already knew about it. They had given my lot to someone else and that someone else received my lot. I told her I need my lot ASAP and she said there was nothing she could do about it. She told me I would have to come back in 1-week and drive all the way back down to Maple Grove to exchange the lots. I asked her to give that lady that had my lot to give her my telephone number so that she could call me and we could arrange an exchange because I need my lot as soon as possible due to an impending sale (which I now lost). I called this Dawn Kvass the next morning and asked if she had talked to the other party to give them my telephone number and she said no that she was not in the office and apparently didn't plan on going in. We had an exchange of bad words and she hung up on me.
I called another K-Bid affiliate and he suggested that I contact K-Bid Online, Inc., in Maple Plain. I wrote them and explained the situation and a person by the name of Becky Farniok wrote back and said they couldn't do nothing. I had asked her to call me but apparently she would not do that.
On Monday I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. They immediately retaliated against me by suspending my account with K-Bid of which I have had for years and in good standing I might ad. This was because I exercised my right by contacting the BBB. I then immediately filed another complaint with the BBB against them for doing this.
I feel that I am being threatened by their actions. I want my merchandise that I legally bid on and won. It is their responsibility to correct this and it should have been done days ago. It is their responsibility to pick up and come to me to deliver my winnings and not my responsibility to come to them because of their mistakes.
K-Bid still refuses to give me the merchandise that I legally bid on and won.

In my opinion this seems like fraud.

I for one will think twice before I do business with these people again because how do I know it could not happen again or something else?

Has anyone else had a problem with such tactics?

When a business makes a mistake then they should in good faith do everything in their power to correct and make it good.

I wonder why they don't?

Is it common practice to retaliate against someone who complains about your business practices to the BBB?

Has anyone else experienced this before?

I wonder what happened to that poor woman who also got the wrong lot that she bid on and won?

In summary, I would not recommend K-Bid to a friend.

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