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eBay Costs & Features

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  • Listing is free.
  • Sell using “buy it now” for free.
  • A final value fee of 10% of your profits is charged on the first 50 items sold (in a month).
  • Maximum sales fee of $750.
  • Subsequent sales incur a $0.95 fixed price for books, DVDs, movies, music and video games.
  • Subsequent sales of all other categories incur a $0.30 fee per item.
  • PayPal fees may apply.
  • Shop subscription costs $19.99 per month.
  • Please check the website for fees for motors and classifieds ads.
  • Additional international selling fees may apply, please check the site for details.
  • Discounts when selling for charity.
  • Fees may apply if you end a bid early.
  • Optional advanced listing upgrade fees (30 days):
    • Scheduled listing is free.
    • Gallery plus is $1.
    • Listing designer is $0.30.
    • Subtitle is $1.50.
    • Value pack is $2.
    • Bold is $4.
    • International site visibility is $0.50.
  • Purchases: buy now or bid on an item.
  • Sales: sell your unwanted items for real money.
  • Auction: bid on items.
  • Charity options: donate your profits to charity.
  • Payment: allow customers to pay through PayPal and more.
  • Listing items: no fee to list your item for sale.
  • Cars: find used cars in a specialized sales area.
  • Today’s deal: locate a deal each day.
  • Grouped items: find and buy items which share similar properties or can be bought in bulk.
  • Recommended: receive recommendation based on items you’ve purchased.
  • Ratings: read review on items.
  • Star ratings: find out what other people thought of an item.
  • Member feedback: read about the quality of service provided by a member.
  • FAQ: find answers to frequently asked questions.
  • Chat: talk to other traders.
  • Interest groups: find like-minded people.
  • News: read the latest stories on ebay’s sales.
  • Guides: get help using the site, including tips for traders.
  • Pictures: all members can upload a up to 12 photos.
  • Shipping options: choose from a range of shipping options to receive your item.
  • Customer base: millions of users across the globe.
  • Volume sales: sell multiple items at once.
  • Shops: set up a store and control it carefully.


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